Technology is advancing, borders are disappearing and competition is intensifying. Crystal Carson provides collective strength for each client’s business, brand and credibility.

Crystal Nicole Carson is a marketing, media and relationship management expert. Bringing invaluable expertise of seamlessly and effortlessly matching both interests with opportunity.When a Crystal Carson brings a team comes together from strategy development through to implementation, clients benefit from a tailored approach.

Crystal Carson’s relationships and value are based on years of successfully connecting like-minded communities and businesses. A personalized ‘search engine’ for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. Ultimately, giving a fresh perspective from an outsider with project management skills that can make an idea a reality.


Crystal Carson is often referred to as a modern day renaissance woman. Having built her brand to be known for working with high profile entrepreneurs, creative agencies, global brands, and media networks.

Crystal Carson is a recognized leader and connector, leveraging her ability to build bridges amongst diverse industries. There is a fine sense of harmony, and contagious energy in everything that she does whether facilitating change, leading the team, building a brand, or connecting the right people. She believes that establishing a collaborative environment is just the beginning of any successful venture.

Over the last 20-years, she has been at the forefront of innovation and change, her continuously evolving career has guided her to the emerging industries. She has cultivated a global point of view with her circles of international taste-makers, and business leaders.


I worked with Crystal on press events, product launches, influencer campaigns and photo shoots for L’Oréal Paris. I must say that Crystal is making it happen. Always on time and on budget, she exceeded my expectations. She has the eye for fashion, she knows how to bring Global Brands to life at events and more importantly, she brings ROI to our campaigns.

Hugo Thibault

Crystal has the most fantastic can-do, positive attitude when it comes to getting a job done. She takes an incredible amount of pride and responsibility in ensuring her side of a project is executed at the highest level. Crystal has a special light that shines even brighter in a crowded room or event.

Kate Mac Dougall
Kate Mac Dougall Principal Camber Communications

“If connecting people to opportunity was purely art, Crystal would be a modern day Warhol. As a science, she would embody the mind of Darwin. The reality is her talents are both art and science and she delivers it like the renaissance woman she is.”

Jordan Kallman
Jordan Kallman Partner The Social Concierge Inc.

Crystal has a genuine desire to connect and help others. Her out-of-the-box approach to projects gives her the ability to make s$&t happen.

Erin Cebula
Erin CebulaReporter-ET Canada

“Crystal has an amazing ability to read people for their needs and then connect them with the right match to mutually build each other up and help make the world a better place.  Her bubbly personality and smarts will get your brand in the right spotlight!”

Michael Forbes
Michael Forbes Forbes Group

Crystal make everyone feel valued and empowered. She is incredibly warmhearted with a sense of finesse, certainty, and conviction. The fact that I CAN count on you says enough.

Nicolle Hodges
Nicolle HodgesCTV & Vancity Buzz

I have known Crystal for years and collaborated with her on numerous projects. Crystal is one of a kind, she is passionate, extremely competent, super straightforward, refreshingly pragmatic and committed to all the projects displaying a get the job done attitude. Proud to be her friend and colleague.

Andy Chu
Andy ChuExecutive Producer at FMA Entertainment

Two words spring to mind when I think of Crystal – kindness, and confidence. No wonder she is so well respected by those around her. She was the most perfect introduction to Vancouver a journalist could ask for, someone who clearly knows how to get things done and a real joy to work with too. –

Robert Michael Poole
Robert Michael Poole CNN, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek

Crystal is a woman of many skills. You can find her at the front-lines of a runway show as well as in a boardroom chatting brand integration and strategy. She is a force and a friend.

Jacqueline Kendall
Jacqueline KendallSt. Joseph’s Media Marketing & Communications Manager

No one is more passionate about building connections than Crystal Carson. A true natural at meeting and connecting the right people at the right time. Having collaborated with Crystal on many projects and witnessing first hand her extreme dedication to everything she takes on for the better part of fifteen years, I can truly say you won’t find a more reliable, and genuine partner.

Alex Khalil
Alex KhalilMortgage Specialist and Private Lending Broker

“People may call her Crystal but I call her superwoman! Crystal is not only a genuine, authentic, caring and generous soul but she is also one of the hardest working women I know.

Crystal can organize the most amazing events and make it look effortless, she is also the true definition of a connector and collaborator. The world needs more women like her!”

Kristal Barrett-Stuart
Kristal Barrett-StuartCEO & Founder at The Sparkle Project BC

We commissioned Crystal &  her team to deliver a group of hip, influential business leaders for an important event our winery. This in turn generated significant media exposure to our product launch and an immediate impact on sales. Great return on investment!

Glenn Fawcett
Glenn Fawcett President & Wine Evangelist

Crystal is a charismatic individual with the ability to work independently or with a team. You are reliable and are great at resourcing people and teams as needed for a wide range of projects.

Michelle Beaudry
Michelle BeaudryFounder of BEAUDRY/STUDIO

“Although it is pretty much impossible to describe Crystal in a few paragraphs, I will try here. Crystal is a multi-talented, driven individual who personifies the attributes any business or professional looks for when working with someone. She is super-connected, very capable and brings value to every project she gets close to. Nobody in Vancouver can do what she does. She is truly an original. ”

 Ali Sinawi
Ali Sinawi Ali Sinawi Vice President & Founding Partner at Market One Media Group Inc.

Crystal Carson simply creates magic; her sunny disposition, focus and creativity reflects in her work. Not only is she incredibly passionate and fully committed to each project, she empowers everyone around her to be the best they can be and will never hesitate to lend a hand.

Michelle Morton
Michelle Morton


  • Innovation is not about solo genius, it’s about collective genius.
  • Innovation is a journey. It’s a type of collaborative problem solving, usually among people who have different expertise and different points of view.
  • Talented people don’t want to follow me anywhere. They want to cocreate with me the future.
  • Nurture the bottom-up and not let it degenerate into chaos.
  • “I’m a role model, I’m a human glue, I’m a connector, I’m an aggregator of viewpoints. I’m never a dictator of viewpoints.”
  • “I’m not the visionary, I’m the social architect. I’m creating the space where people are willing and able to share and combine their talents and passions.”
  • Our task is to create the space where everybody’s slices of genius can be unleashed and harnessed, and turned into works of collective genius.